Mystery Ranch Perfect Fit

Mystery Ranch Packs: A Perfect Fit for Every Wildland Firefighter

Firefighting is a profession that demands courage, skill, and high-performance gear to ensure safety and effectiveness in the field.

A critical piece of equipment for every wildland firefighter is their pack, which must perform under the harshest conditions. Because of this, Mystery Ranch has committed to engineering the most comfortable and perfectly fitted pack harnessing systems available.

In this short read, we’ll cover the importance of properly fitting your Mystery Ranch pack and then highlight some great packs from Mystery Ranch.

The Importance of Proper Fit

A well-fitted pack is more than a convenience. It’s a necessity. Proper fit ensures that the weight of the equipment is evenly distributed, reducing fatigue and preventing injuries.

Wildland firefighters often carry heavy loads for extended periods, and a poorly fitted pack can lead to long-term health issues. That’s why Mystery Ranch has focused on developing a fire pack that fits every firefighter like a glove, ensuring that they can focus on their critical work without discomfort.

Mystery Ranch’s Innovative Approach

Over the past few years, Mystery Ranch has dedicated thousands of hours to measuring and fitting hundreds of different body types. Their comprehensive approach involved logging detailed data to understand how various body shapes interact with their packs.

The culmination of this research is a revolutionary sizing configuration that fits nearly every human frame. This new system unifies Mystery Ranch pack sizing across all categories, ensuring that every firefighter has access to optimal load carrying solutions.

How to Fit Your Mystery Ranch Pack

Fitting your Mystery Ranch fire pack correctly is straightforward:

Mystery Ranch Fitting Step 1


Mystery Ranch Fitting Step 2


Pull web loops on yoke upper and remove adjuster.

Mystery Ranch Fitting Step 3


Using adjuster, break Velcro bond between yoke and bag.

Mystery Ranch Fitting Step 4 and 5



Replace adjuster to its original location. The adjuster doubles as a crucial piece of framing in your pack, and transfers weight through the torso and into the hips and core.

Find Your Perfect Pack

Now that we’ve covered how to ensure a perfect fit, let’s explore some great packs designed by Mystery Ranch for firefighters.

Whether tackling fast, initial attacks, enduring long shifts on the fire line, or managing specialized roles like medical support or rapid extraction, there is a Mystery Ranch pack tailored for your specific needs.

Each model combines thoughtful ergonomics with durable materials, crafted to perform under pressure while maintaining comfort and efficiency. Dive into our range to discover a pack that not only fits your body perfectly but also enhances your operational capabilities in any firefighting scenario.

Mystery Ranch Hot Speed Pack – IA – NFPA / CAL FIRE SPEC
Stripped to the essentials then rebuilt as PPE with Health and Safety as top priorities, this paradigm-shifting pack is the super-streamlined solution for hot, fast Initial Attack.

Mystery Ranch Hotshot Pack
Tested over tens of thousands of overtime hours, cutting chain after chain of fire line, the workhorse of wildland packs enters its next decade of service with ergonomic improvements and even more durability.

Mystery Ranch Hotshot TL Pack
A continuation of the trusted Hotshot line with added ergonomic improvements, designed for those who work extended hours on the fire line.

Mystery Ranch SHIFT Pack
The foundation for our modular system, the SHIFT is a stand-alone IA pack with room for essential equipment, and a load shelf that supports and stabilizes hose packs.

Mystery Ranch Plus REM Pack
Designed and built for Rapid Extraction Module support, the PLUS REM accommodates the necessary equipment for critical extraction operations.

Mystery Ranch FEMP Wildland Pack – NFPA
Specially designed for Fireline Paramedics or EMTs, this pack allows quick access to medical equipment while providing additional space for personal gear and administrative necessities.

Mystery Ranch Women’s Hotshot TL Wildland Pack
Featuring ergonomic improvements and durability tested over tens of thousands of hours, this version of the Hotshot TL is tailored specifically with women’s harnessing.

Mystery Ranch Women’s Hotshot Wildland Pack
Similar to the standard Hotshot but with harnessing designed to fit women, ensuring durability and comfort during extended use on the fire line.

Mystery Ranch Big Ernie Wildland Pack
Specially designed for aerial delivered firefighters such as Smokejumpers, Heli-Rappel, and Helitack, meeting the rigorous demands of aerial firefighting methods.


Mystery Ranch packs are more than just storage solutions; they are a critical part of a firefighter’s equipment that ensures performance, safety, and comfort. Whether you are fighting fires in the wilderness or navigating complex urban environments, there’s a Mystery Ranch pack designed for your needs.