Mystery Ranch Big Ernie Wildland Pack

Mystery Ranch Big Ernie Wildland Pack



Designed and developed for aerial delivered firefighters, this pack meets the demand of Smokejumpers, Heli-Rappel, and Helitack.

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The new must-have line gear pack from MYSTERY RANCH.

The features of the Mystery Ranch Big Ernie Wildland Pack are either compressible, stowable, or removable – the yoke has quick-release buckles and integrated storage compartments for the shoulder straps/harnessing and pass-throughs for compression straps, along with other compatible features making it entirely jump compatible. There is double-layered fabric and/or web reinforcements in high wear areas, making it one of the most durable line gear packs. The BIG ERNIE has improved staple features like our new zippered wing pockets with interior drawcords to secure contents, an integrated ambidextrous access fire shelter storage below the main compartment, and daisy chains on the exterior of wing pockets for lashing on accessories.

Mystery Ranch Big Ernie Wildland Pack Key Features:

  • All design features are jump compatible and durable
  • Integrated fire shelter storage below main compartment with ambidextrous access
  • Double-layering and web reinforcement in high wear areas
  • Exterior top zippered pocket
  • Interior top mesh zippered pocket
  • Yoke has quick-release buckles
  • Cobra-lock ready yoke attachment points included for jump operations
  • Integrated storage compartment for shoulder straps and harnessing
  • Black aluminum hardware on the yoke for extra durability
  • Packout-compatible, removable waist belt
  • Live Wing Belt for ease of storage and comfort with movement
  • Storage garages for front compression straps
  • Pass-throughs for compression straps to keep in place
  • Daisy chains on the exterior of wing pockets for lashing on accessories
  • Zippered wing pockets (designed to fit two Forest Service water bottles each) with interior drawcords to secure contents or compress to streamline pockets when not in use
  • Integrated Fusee compartments in the Wing Pockets holds three each
  • Hydration compartment with dual exit points
  • Color: Coyote
  • Weight: 3.5 lb
  • Volume: 1465 cu-ins
  • Dimensions: 20″x22″x11″

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in