Firefighter helmets are designed to provide protection from falling objects, flames, electric wires, and exposure to extreme heat. Whether you’re putting out a fire or walking into a hazardous environment, shop LineGear helmets to protect you and your team.

How Firefighter Helmets Are Built

Helmet shells are typically made from thermoplastic or thermoset resin to offer excellent resistance to penetration and impact. Wildland firefighting helmets can also be equipped with an adjustable headband, thermal impact cap, suspension straps, a chinstrap, ear cover, face shield, and a clip and D-ring hanger. The helmet’s energy absorption system includes a headband, pins, and sockets to keep the straps fitted properly. The retention system is designed to keep the helmet in place using webbing, a nape device, and a chin strap. Adjustments to the helmet’s fit can be made with buckles, hook and loop closing systems, and slide mechanisms.

Helmets From LineGear

Our fiberglass helmets are available in multiple colors and offer superior flame and heat resistance. Our helmets are built to withstand extreme temperatures using only the best materials — stainless steel, polished brass, fiberglass, thermoplastic, and low-density urethane foam. Each helmet meets or exceeds NFPA performance specifications and major state fire codes for wildland firefighting. Optional features include a heavy-duty chinstrap and a Nomex ear/neck/face protector for select products.

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