The Bullard wildland helmet protects forestry firefighters facing extreme heat and rough terrain. Featuring a heat-resistant thermoplastic outer shell, the fire helmet offers superior impact and penetration protection and exceeds NFPA performance requirements. The full-brim helmet offers additional protection from glare, moisture, dust, and harmful ultraviolet rays.

The Bullard Story

The fifth-generation family-owned company was founded in 1898 by Edward Dickinson Bullard, who supplied essential equipment to gold and copper miners in the San Francisco area. His son E.W. Bullard helped invent the Hard Boiled “hard hat,” which provided effective and reliable protection. The hat’s popularity paved the way for the first Bullard Fire Helmet. Bullard hats were later adapted to serve the needs of bridge workers through close collaboration with Joseph B. Strauss, the engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Choosing The Right Fire Helmet

When shopping for a wildland helmet, you must ensure the helmet you choose meets department requirements. Consider what components you’ll need, such as eye protection, straps, and padding, and commit to maintaining them to prolong the helmet’s service life. If you have questions or want assistance selecting a Bullard fire helmet, reach out to the LineGear team.

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