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Perfect Pack for Hand Crews: Mystery Ranch Shift 900 MWP

In the world of wildland firefighting, hand crews are the unsung heroes who battle wildfires on the front lines. Their demanding work requires specialized fire gear that can keep up with their dedication and the challenges they face. One standout solution that has earned its place as the perfect pack for hand crews is the Mystery Ranch Shift 900 MWP Crew Pack. In this post, we’ll delve into why this pack is the top choice for those on the front lines.

The Shift 900 MWP: A Closer Look

The Mystery Ranch Shift 900 MWP is precision-designed to meet the specific needs of hand crews. Here’s what sets it apart:

Approved by CAL FIRE PPE Working Group

Safety is paramount in wildland firefighting, and the Shift 900 MWP meets the highest standards. It’s approved by the CAL FIRE PPE Working Group to CAL FIRE Spec 1728, assuring crews that it can endure the rigors of firefighting.

UL®️ Certified to NFPA 1977-2022

The Shift 900 MWP holds UL certification to NFPA standards, signifying its reliability and adherence to industry-leading safety protocols. It’s a Crew Pack you can trust when it matters most.

Modular Design for Individual Needs

The Shift 900 MWP is engineered to adapt to the dynamic demands of wildland firefighting. With a versatile configuration and removable MOLLE Wing Pockets (MWP), it provides hand crews with the flexibility they require in the field.

I needed an upgrade and the Shift 900 MWP seems to be what I need. It’s modular and opens with full zips allowing me to access the pack to depth.

Jackie, AZ

Spacious and Expandable

Hand crews need ample storage space for essential gear, and the Shift 900 MWP delivers. Its capacity can expand from 16 to 20 liters, accommodating fuel canisters, water bottles, and other crucial equipment, ensuring crews are well-equipped for the task at hand.

Swift and Secure Attachments

Efficiency matters when battling wildfires, and the Shift 900 MWP’s Triple-Spade system ensures quick and secure attachment of modular Plus 900 components. This means hand crews can swiftly access the tools they need to tackle the blaze.

Operational Load Support

Hauling hose packs, mounting modules, and carrying additional equipment—hand crews do it all. The Shift 900 MWP features an Operational Load Shelf designed to support these critical tasks, making it an indispensable companion in the field.

Safety and Preparedness

When every moment counts, the Shift 900 MWP ensures crews are prepared for any situation. It includes discreet storage sleeves for three fusees, ensuring quick access during emergencies.

Best of Both Worlds. Great for bigger fires where you need more supplies and great to have a stripped down shelter harness for smaller fires.

Chuck, KY

Certified Performance

With CAL FIRE PPE Working Group approval and UL®️ certification, the Shift 900 MWP is a Crew Pack that stands up to the most demanding firefighting situations.

Join the Ranks of Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch is synonymous with innovation and reliability in the world of fire and rescue equipment. The Shift 900 MWP Crew Pack is a testament to their commitment to serving the needs of professionals on the front lines of wildfires.

Upgrade Your Crew’s Gear

Are you ready to empower your hand crew with the Mystery Ranch Shift 900 MWP Crew Pack? Elevate their capabilities, enhance their safety, and equip them for success in the world of wildland firefighting. It’s not just a bag; it’s a lifeline for hand crews and one of our best wildland packs here at LineGear Fire & Rescue Equipment.