New for 2023! Mystery Ranch Introduces MOLLE WING POCKETS to its Modular Pack “The SHIFT”

Wildland firefighters not only battle fires but carry equipment and supplies everywhere. Therefore, they need a wildland pack to be lightweight, versatile, and durable in the toughest conditions. The type of wildland pack a firefighter uses will depend on the details of their particular assignment — whether they’re working an overnight shift, during the day, or taking on an extended assignment.

About the new SHIFT 900 MWP

The new SHIFT 900 MWP is Mystery Ranch’s most modular system yet, designed to facilitate problem-solving in the operational wildfire environment.

The removable MOLLE Wing Pockets (MWP) increase the SHIFT 900 from 16 to 20 liters. A perfect solution for those needing extra space for fuel canisters, water bottles, and items you need fast! Fire and rescue teams will be able to purchase the brand new innovative SHIFT 900 MWP in 2023.

About the Mystery Ranch Modular System “The SHIFT”

Many wildland firefighters rely on Mystery Ranch products to carry their essentials, like food, safety gear, medical supplies, communication devices, and other work items.

The foundation for the Mystery Ranch modular system, the SHIFT, is a stand-alone IA pack with room for essential equipment and a load shelf that supports and stabilizes hosepacks. The Shift is categorized by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as personal protective equipment (PPE), but it can also be classified as Load Carrying Equipment. The fire pack can be used for fire shelter storage and single resource assignments, offering exceptional operational load shelf.

The fire-specific yoke features a patented Futura adjustment system that telescopically adjusts to the user’s torso length and reduces its width by two inches to maximize ventilation and body heat dispersion. The SHIFT also has Uretek® coated YKK® #10 Zippers with nickel-plated sliders to provide exceptional weather resistance and durability in extreme weather conditions.

The mid and lumbar portions of the pack are built with continuous HDPE and fiberglass stay framing to ensure even load distribution from the yoke to the hips and core. The superior operational load shelf of The Shift enables users to carry hosepacks, mount modules, and other equipment.

The pack uses 500D and 1000D CORDURA® with Teflon® and PU coatings for maximum durability, longevity, and UV and weather protection. High-wear areas have double layering and web reinforcement to minimize wear and tear. The pack also has varying-density foams to provide structure and padding. The Shift is UL® Certified and meets NFPA 1977-2016 standards.

The SHIFT is available in sizes XS through XL. Sizing is based on torso length and waist circumference.

The Benefits of MOLLE

MOLLE (pronounced “Molly”) is a standardized system short for “Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment.” MOLLE refers to the load-bearing modular system that enables the attachment and customization of varying pieces of gear, pouches, packs, hoses, and more. Though MOLLE originated with NATO armed forces, today, it is used in various gear and equipment available to civilians.

A MOLLE grid, a ladder webbing system, is also known as a Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS). This interwoven webbing system provides access to numerous attachment points marked by stitched “loops” that are compatible with MOLLE-ready pouches, tools, packs, and other types of gear.

The only limitations to a MOLLE pack are the availability of MOLLE-ready modular attachments and the amount of weight an individual can carry. Each user has unlimited options for how their MOLLE gear works for them.