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Gear Up for 2024: Best Wildland Fire Packs

Welcome to the fourth installment of our “Gear Up for 2024” series, where we explore essential equipment for wildland firefighters. In this post, we’ll delve into some of the best wildland fire packs for 2024, focusing particularly on the renowned offerings from Mystery Ranch. Before we dive into the details, it’s worth noting that we also carry other reputable brands such as Coaxsher and True North, providing a diverse range of options to suit various firefighting needs.

Wildland Firefighter Packs

Wildland firefighter packs are indispensable tools for firefighters operating in rugged terrain and challenging environments. Designed to carry essential gear while offering comfort and durability, these packs are crucial for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of firefighting operations. Whether it’s for aerial-delivered firefighters, rapid extraction modules, hot, fast initial attack teams, or specific designs tailored for women, the right pack can make all the difference in critical situations.

mystery ranch wildland backpacks

Mystery Ranch Wildland Packs

Mystery Ranch stands at the forefront of wildland firefighting equipment innovation, renowned for its cutting-edge designs and uncompromising quality. With a commitment to firefighter safety and performance, Mystery Ranch offers a diverse range of packs tailored to meet the unique demands of wildland firefighting scenarios. Let’s delve deeper into the exceptional features of five standout wildland packs from Mystery Ranch:

Mystery Ranch Big Ernie Wildland Pack

Designed for aerial-delivered firefighters, the Big Ernie pack is the must-have line gear pack from Mystery Ranch. Key features include compressible, stowable, or removable components, jump compatibility, integrated fire shelter storage, hydration compartment with dual exit points, and durable construction using custom spec’d 500D and 330D CORDURA® materials.

I have fought fire in 5 different decades and best pack I have ever worn. Minimally designed and well balanced!

Firebeeman – Reno, NV

Mystery Ranch Plus REM Pack

The Plus REM pack is designed for Rapid Extraction Module support, accommodating necessary equipment for rapid extraction scenarios. Key features include an internal frame sheet for stability, Shift System compatibility, capacity for 200+ feet of rope, multiple rows of PALS webbing, and UL® Certified to NFPA 1977-2016.

Has tons of room for gear. Mystery ranch did a outstanding job with creating this modular bag.

Brian – Kalama, WA

Mystery Ranch Shift 900 MWP

The Mystery Ranch Shift 900 MWP is their most modular system designed to facilitate problem-solving in the operational fire environment. Key features include removable MOLLE Wing Pockets, compatibility with Plus 900 modules, operational load shelf, discreet storage sleeve for fusees, and ISO 9001 Manufacturer certification.

Great for bigger fires where you need more supplies and the 900 pack and great to have a stripped down shelter harness for smaller fires.

Chuck – Kentucky

Women’s Hotshot TL Wildland Pack

The Women’s Hotshot TL pack, designed specifically for women, offers ergonomic improvements and increased durability. Key features include harnessing made specifically for women, fully adjustable Fire Yoke, 3M reflective elements, zip-access storage pocket, and CAL FIRE SPEC model approval.

I received pack and 3 days later went to a fire and it held up amazing. The back and hip support was very nice.

Pulaskigirl32 – Washington State

Mystery Ranch Hot Speed Pack

Stripped to the essentials and rebuilt as PPE with health and safety as top priorities, the Hot Speed pack is an all-inclusive solution for hot, fast Initial Attack. Key features include Fire-specific yoke with patented Futura system, Redirect waist belt system, zip-access storage pocket, and external seam finished with 6,6 Nylon web for extra durability.

This pack delivered exactly what it promised to do. Tremendous workmanship and great materials, mystery ranch certainly lived up to its name.

Wildland1 – California


In conclusion, Mystery Ranch offers a comprehensive range of wildland packs designed to meet the diverse needs of firefighters. Whether you’re facing aerial deliveries, rapid extraction, modular solutions, or hot, fast initial attacks, Mystery Ranch packs are engineered with durability, functionality, and firefighter safety in mind, ensuring that you’re equipped to handle any firefighting scenario with confidence.