big ernie pack

Discover the Mystery Ranch Big Ernie: The Ultimate LineGear Pack

When it comes to firefighter gear designed for aerial delivery, the Mystery Ranch Big Ernie shines as a top choice. This exceptional pack was meticulously crafted with the unique needs of aerial-delivered firefighters in mind, including Smokejumpers, Heli-Rappel teams, and Helitack crews.

Aerial-Delivery Ready

The Big Ernie results from extensive research and feedback from aerial-delivered firefighters. It’s engineered to excel in scenarios where every second counts. Whether you’re a Smokejumper or part of a Helitack team, this pack has you covered.

Lightweight and Stowable

The Big Ernie was engineered for lightweight performance. Its yoke is adjustable and stowable, allowing for easy packing and transportation. The live wing waist belt, a feature brought back to life for this pack, ensures comfort during long missions.


Safety is paramount for aerial firefighters, and the Big Ernie is equipped for jump operations. It features two contact points for nylon web loops compatible with cobra locks, ensuring a secure connection to the articulated harness used by Smokejumpers. There’s a third contact point for connecting to an articulated harness for added versatility.

Smart Compression

For jump operations or when stowing in a belly bag, the Big Ernie includes two compression straps that make it compact and secure—no need to worry about gear shifting during aerial maneuvers.

Innovative Wing Pockets

The Big Ernie boasts zippered wing pockets designed to keep your essentials in check during freefall. Two compression straps inside each pocket allow for easy adjustment and compression when needed.

Strategic Storage

Inside the pack, you’ll find a lid pocket for miscellaneous items and a detailed pocket with organization for essentials like notebooks, pens, and pencils. The pack also features two wing pockets for two Forest Service water bottles each.

Fire Shelter Integration

Safety is paramount, and the Big Ernie has a sewn-in fire shelter compartment that accommodates either size of fire shelter currently in use. The design ensures the shelter remains away from the body.


Staying hydrated is crucial, and the Big Ernie includes a hydration sleeve and loop to keep your hydration reservoir secure and accessible.

Materials and Durability

Crafted from custom-spec’d 500D and 330D CORDURA with Teflon and PU coatings, this pack is designed for maximum durability and weather protection. It features AQUAGUARD coated YKK #10 Zippers with nickel-plated sliders for exceptional weather resistance.

Big Ernie Spec Sheet

A Word From Mystery Ranch

According to Mystery Ranch, “If you’re looking for the best of the best in wildland fire packs, this pack might be for you, but everyone has their own taste and style. This pack was designed for those who fly to work – but it will also work for anyone looking for something a bit different with features never seen before. Every detail is complete.”

In summary, the Mystery Ranch Big Ernie is more than just a gear pack; it’s a reliable partner for firefighters, offering durability, smart storage solutions, and innovative features. Whether you’re battling wildfires or seeking a top-notch pack for your outdoor adventures, the Big Ernie is up for the challenge.