Fire Shelters

A wildland fire shelter is a portable tent-like covering firefighters can jump into during critical situations. When used correctly, it can significantly improve the chances of survival by protecting firefighters from heat and smoke. Remember that fire shelters are not a solution for continued contact with flames. Before you head out, grab your LineGear fire shelter for maximum protection. Depending on your chosen product, our fire shelters are  U.S. Government approved, meet Forest Service specifications, and are manufactured using ISO 9001 certified production procedures. Additionally, we have shelters that are award-winning for their safety and effectiveness, reusable (if used for training purposes), and include a carrying case, polyvinyl bag, case liner, and practice shelter.

Anchor Industries Fire Shelters

A typical fire shelter is shaped like a half-cylinder with rounded ends, similar to a burrito or oversized sleeping bag covered with tinfoil. LineGear fire shelters, manufactured by Anchor Industries, are made of aluminized cloth that is laminated to fiberglass silica.

Fire Shelters are a Last Resort Option
A fire shelter is the last option for firefighters facing extreme situations. When all other escape methods have failed, firefighters use wildland fire shelters to protect from heat and smoke. Fire shelters have saved many firefighters’ lives but do not take the place of safe firefighting procedures and practices and won’t last long if it directly interacts with flames.

How Wildland Fire Shelters Were Invented
The first cone-shaped fire shelter was created in Australia in the 1950s. Further developments in the U.S. by the United States Forest Service and other agencies improved the shape and construction of the fire shelter, helping preserve the lives of many firefighters caught in emergency situations.

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