Anchor Industries

Award-winning Anchor Industries fire shelters are made for wildland firefighters braving the flames in extreme conditions. The New Generation Fire Shelter protects from radiant and convective heat in entrapment situations. Manufactured using specially designed equipment, each fire shelter is government approved to provide the best possible protection and maximum air space.

Anchor Industries is a leading fabric and frame product maker providing high-quality products that enable wildland firefighters to get the job done — safely and efficiently. With an in-house engineering and design team, the quality workmanship of Anchor Industries raises the bar for wildland protective gear.

The company was founded in 1892 by Louis A. Daus as a riverboat supply house by the Ohio River. Growing demand for water-proof covers expanded the company’s offerings to include canvas goods. Today, Anchor Industries has more than 300 skilled workers and over 350,000 square feet production capacity in Evansville, Indiana. In addition to creating U.S. Government approved fire shelters, Anchor Industries produces tents, awnings, outdoor fabric shade solutions, fabric buildings, and structures, safety pool covers, military products, and other custom fabric and frame products.

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