Boot Accessories

Protect your feet and boots with wildland fire boot accessories. Browse socks, leather preservatives (or dressing), boot oil, laces, and boot liners at LineGear.

The right pair of socks will protect the feet and legs from the bumps and jolts of a long tour and keep your feet dry and comfortable. The right fit will reduce slippage and bunching and provide extra padding against boot lacing. Select socks offer moisture-wicking and extra cushion to absorb shocks and provide insulation. A reinforced toe and heel extend product life and increase comfort.

Protect, preserve, and restore wildland fire boots with a leather dressing. White’s Boot leather preservative contains three natural oils, Propolis, and Beeswax, to prevent dry rot, restore dried leather, resist scuffing and abrasion, and deeply penetrate the boot. Another option is boot oil to protect against bacteria, salt, moisture, and mildew.

Shop wildland fire boot accessories from Fox River and White’s Boots.


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