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Step into wildland firefighter boots from LineGear for the durability and protection you need. We’ve chosen the highest quality boots for every environment and emergency you might face on the job. The brands we trust invest heavily in research and innovation to increase the protection and performance of each product.

How to Choose Your Next Pair of Boots

You’ll find various prices, features, and materials when shopping for boots. Your purchase will be an investment into your safety and performance on the job, so when it comes to price, you can purchase a cheap pair that will last you a month, or you can invest in good quality that will serve you well for at least one year.

Students or rookie firefighters may consider starting with less expensive ones while determining what features and styles work best. In contrast, experienced firefighters may have a go-to brand they’ve trusted for years. Either way, maintaining your boots can significantly help extend the life of your boots and save you money in the long run.

The type you purchase will depend on the type of activities you do on the job. A few features you need to look for include NFPA certified, quality leather, type of shank, Kevlar lace and stitching, Kiltie, and the sole and depth of heel.

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Showing 1–12 of 41 results


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