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PHOS-CHECK Class A Foam: The Ultimate Weapon for Effective Firefighting

Phos-Chek Class A Foam, innovatively crafted by Perimeter Solutions, is a state-of-the-art and indispensable tool within wildland firefighting.

Its paramount role lies not only in its cutting-edge capabilities but also in its commitment to mitigating environmental impact and optimizing resource utilization.

Engineered with a specialized formula, this remarkable firefighting agent sets itself apart from conventional methods by embracing eco-friendly attributes and unparalleled effectiveness.

Its biodegradability ensures minimal long-term environmental impact, while its potent fire suppression abilities drastically reduce water consumption during firefighting operations.

With an emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility, Phos-Chek Class A Foam has secured its position as an essential cornerstone within the arsenal of wildland firefighting gear, empowering firefighting teams to combat wildfires with heightened efficiency and ecological consciousness.

Safe & Effective

Phos-Chek Class A Foam surpasses the U.S Government’s standards and stipulations pertaining to Environmental, Health, Safety, and Corrosion while meeting similar global agency standards.

PHOS‑CHEK WD881 does not contain any materials listed as hazardous by the EPA and fully complies with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard #1150. In addition, the product can be used to extinguish both Class A and Class B fires.

Moreover, it has a proprietary ingredient gives the product a fruity orange smell.


One of the major environmental benefits of Phos-Chek Class A Foam is its biodegradability. 

The product’s organic compounds degrade over time, reducing the chances of long-term environmental damage. 

This biodegradability is especially critical given that firefighting foams are often used in vast quantities and across broad geographical areas, making it a much more environmentally friendly option.

Minimized Water Usage

Beyond its environmental advantages, Phos-Chek Class A Foam is recognized for its significant role in minimizing water usage during firefighting operations.

It achieves this by optimizing the water’s effectiveness, thereby reducing the total amount of water needed to control or extinguish a fire. 

Adding the foam to water reduces the water’s surface tension, allowing it to spread more evenly and penetrate deeper into burning materials. This increased effectiveness results in faster fire suppression and cooling of heated materials.

Consequently, fire departments can use less water overall, providing a more efficient and sustainable firefighting approach.

The reduced water usage also decreases the water run-off, minimizing the environmental impact of firefighting operations.

Furthermore, it is highly concentrated, meaning a small quantity of firefighting foam can make a large volume when mixed with water. 

This efficiency conserves water and reduces the foam’s overall transportation and storage requirements, contributing further to environmental sustainability.

Highly Versatile

Per the product’s technical specifications, it’s easy to handle and mix, can be used with most standard firefighting equipment, and does not require specialized foam proportioning devices.

This versatility makes it a viable and accessible option for fire departments of various sizes and resources, fostering a wide-ranging adoption of this more sustainable firefighting solution.

Why Wildland Firefighters Choose Phos-Chek Class A Foam

Phos-Chek Class A Foam is an effective and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional firefighting techniques and important part of wildland firefighting.

Its unique formulation minimizes environmental impact by being biodegradable and non-toxic. Additionally, it significantly reduces water usage in firefighting operations by optimizing water’s effectiveness in suppressing and cooling fires.

Its efficient concentration further contributes to sustainability by reducing transportation and storage needs.

By harnessing the power of Phos-Chek Class A Foam, firefighters can be more efficient and environmentally responsible when putting out fires.