Maximize your fire fighting capacity with fire foam. Choose between a five-gallon pail and a 55-gallon drum. Firefighting foam is a mass of low-density bubbles used with water to improve the effectiveness of firefighting. The foam is mixed with water in a fire apparatus before it is released through a hose.

The Benefits of Fire Fighting Foam

A foam system with water is ten times more effective than water alone. Foam concentrate greatly reduces surface tension, allowing the solution to extinguish burning fuels much faster and more efficiently than plain water. Foam also reduces the amount of water necessary to fight fires — a significant upside to areas experiencing a drought or water shortage. Firefighting foam will stick to the surface of burning materials to help slow or stop the burning and improve water penetration. The foam will cool surface temperatures and create a short-term fire barrier to protect and prevent the spread of fire. Fire fighting foam is visible from the ground and air, making it easier for teams to see how much ground has already been covered.

When to Use Class A Foam

Class A foam is used in fires involving paper, wood, cloth, and plastic. This type of foam is offered at 0.3%, 0.5%, or 1% for maximum effectiveness. The foam percentages relate to the size and type of fire, as well as the equipment being used to mix the foam with water. If you have questions about purchasing or using Class A foam, contact our team.


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