PHOS-CHEK fire fighting foam is a powerful tool used to put out wildland fires. Fixed-wing airplanes, helicopters equipped with fixed tanks or slung buckets, standard fire engines, and rapid attack brush trucks can stretch the power of water in situations where water is in short supply.

How Fire Fighting Foam Works

PHOS-CHEK WD881 is the most concentrated Class A foam product on the market today. The product doesn’t contain fluorinated surfactants like PFOS/PFOA, which are used in Class B foam concentrates on forming a film on flammable liquid fires. Understanding which types of fires should be treated with Class A foam is essential. Only Class A fires can be treated with Class A foam. Fires that consist of wood, paper, and fabric are considered Class A.

The Benefits of PHOS-CHEK Foam

When combined with water, PHOS-CHEK fire fighting foam helps reduce the resources and time necessary to clean up, saving money and improving safety. In addition, foam is an effective agent for mineral soil fire lines or natural fire barriers.

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