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Gear Up for 2024: Wildland Fire Shelters

Welcome to the third installment of our “Gear Up for 2024” series, where we explore the finest gear for wildland firefighters. In this article, we’ll delve into wildland fire shelters manufactured by Anchor Industries. When it comes to safeguarding lives in the face of wildfire emergencies, quality is paramount. Let’s explore how Anchor Industries meets this standard with their innovative fire shelter solutions.

About Anchor Industries

Anchor Industries Inc. has been a cornerstone in manufacturing U.S. Government approved fire shelters for over three decades. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on quality, Anchor Industries ensures that every product meets stringent US Forestry Service specifications. Their manufacturing processes are certified to ISO 9001 standards, guaranteeing meticulous attention to detail and the highest levels of quality assurance.

New Generation Fire Shelters

The Anchor Industries New Generation Fire Shelter sets the standard for reliability and effectiveness in wildland firefighting. Crafted to stringent US Forestry Service specifications and government-approved, these shelters offer enhanced protection from radiant and convective heat, crucial in firefighter entrapment scenarios.

Constructed with woven silica laminated to an aluminum foil outer shell and fiberglass laminated to an aluminum inner layer, these shelters boast an 81% reduction in temperature rise and a 97% reduction in heat flux compared to the original shelter. This remarkable improvement ensures firefighters can withstand intense heat, providing invaluable safety in the line of duty.

Anchor’s unwavering commitment to quality and rapid turnaround ensures that these shelters remain an industry standard, backed by government awards and the trust of firefighters and agencies nationwide.

Regular and Large Size Shelters

For firefighters of varying sizes and requirements, Anchor Industries offers the New Generation Fire Shelter in both Regular and Large sizes, ensuring optimal fit and protection.

The New Generation Regular Size Fire Shelter, measuring 86”L x 15.5”H x 31”W, is ideal for most firefighters, providing ample coverage and maneuverability in the field. In contrast, the New Generation Large Size Fire Shelter, measuring 96”L x 19.5”H x 33”W, offers extended coverage for individuals taller than 6’1″ or with a girth exceeding 53″ at any point.

Built to meet Forest Service Specification 5100-606B and government-approved, both sizes showcase Anchor’s unwavering dedication to firefighter safety. With a weight of 5 lbs for the Regular size and 8 lbs for the Large size, firefighters can confidently carry these shelters knowing they are equipped with reliable protection in the most demanding wildfire scenarios.


Regular and Large Size Practice/Training Shelters

While not intended for actual fire scenarios, the Fire Shelter (Training) models, available in both Regular and Large sizes, serve as invaluable tools for honing firefighting skills. Similar in size and dimensions to their operational counterparts, these training shelters offer firefighters realistic practice scenarios without the risk of fire exposure.

Complete with carrying cases, case liners, polyvinyl bags, and the practice shelter itself, these training tools adhere to Forest Service Specification 5100-611, providing a safe and effective training solution for firefighters of all levels.


As we gear up for 2024, Anchor Industries continues to lead the way in providing top-tier fire shelter solutions for wildland firefighters. Their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and firefighter safety is evident in every product they produce. Whether it’s the New Generation Fire Shelters or the training models, Anchor Industries remains a trusted partner in the fight against wildfires.