Workrite® FR

Take care of the basics with Workrite® FR uniforms, pants, shirts, and jackets. Made with flame-resistant material and precise manufacturing techniques, each Workrite® FR product is built for exceptional durability, protection, and comfort.

Workrite Fire Uniforms – Designed for Safety

Whether in the thick of the heat or holding the line, Workrite fire uniforms are designed for your safety. Every fit, feature, fabric, and function boosts your comfort, confidence, and professional image.

Workrite Fire Pants With Nomex

Workrite fire pants are made with Nomex IIIA fabric, a nylon material known for its highly breathable, lightweight, comfortable, and heat and flame-resistant properties. Nomex is the standard for station wear, personal protective equipment, and apparel in fire departments across the country. Protect your team by choosing Workrite fire pants made with material that can withstand scorching conditions.

Each Workrite product meets NFPA 1975 standards for maximum protection. Because anything less is simply unacceptable. Sub-standard apparel will not only hinder your performance but may also cause physical harm. The Workrite fire uniform is an investment in your safety on the job. Choose work apparel that will work as hard as you to battle the flames and heat — no matter how tough the fire.

Trusted Brand for Your Department

Whether your department has a polo and pants look or a t-shirt and shorts uniform, Workrite is the brand to trust. Select a size and color or contact LineGear for colors only available by special order. Our customer service team is here to help you make the right selection and fill your order as quickly as possible.

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