1.5″ 95 GPM Constant Flow Industrial Nozzle

1.5″ 95 GPM Constant Flow Industrial Nozzle


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                Constructed of E-LITE aluminum with brass internal parts

                Compact, Simple, Low maintenance, Light-weight fire nozzles, 

                Safe and durable (individually tested)

                All do Fog to Straight Stream with the turn of the bumper

                Capable of flushing without shutting down

                Ergonomically designed for easy operation and handling

                Full-time swivels, pistol grips that can be removed & spinning teeth

                Working pressure is 100psi. (most also available at 50 or 75psi (LP models))

                Shutoff handles available in colors to match pre-connect lines: Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green

                VIPER Nozzles available in NST and NPSH – 2 ½” in NST only

                All viper nozzles are available in 1 ½” NST ‘Tip Only’

                Industrial and Utility nozzles all have Fog, Straight Stream and a Turn-Past-Straight-Stream-Shutoff.

                Have large protective rubber bumper

         Can be used as a ‘Break-apart’

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in