Fire Finder II

Fire Finder II



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Fire Finder II

  • Unique Patented Design
  • SmartSightTM Technology
  • Faster, More Reliable Hot Spot Detection
  • Complete Mop-Ups in 1/5th Time
  • Prevents Call Backs
  • Operates Through Glass
  • Uses Standard AA Batteries
  • Lightweight, Easy to Use
  • Help Needed Alarm
  • No-nonsense Warranty

The Model 955 Red Hawk™ Thermal Scanner is a light weight, handheld, highly selective thermal scanner designed specifically for finding hot spots. Dyn-Optics time-proven thermal scanners have been helping fire fighters complete there jobs quicker, safer and prevent rekindles for over 35 years.

With patented SmartSight™Technology the Model 955 Red Hawk ™maintains maximum sensitivity even in full sunlight. The Model 955 can detect heat sources as small as a lit cigarette on an asphalt roadway in broad sunlight. Unlike thermal imagers and IR thermometer, the Red Hawk™ is unaffected by sunlight giving it unsurpassed performance in outdoor applications.


The Model 955 Red Hawk™ is easy to operate and designed to give reliable performance time after time. Held like a flashlight and waved around a suspected area, the Red Hawk™ quickly finds hot spots and emits a loud alarm instantly alerting the operator.


Pelican™ Case is sold separately.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in