BUGZ Mesh Goggles

BUGZ Mesh Goggles


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BUGZ Mesh Goggles

Popular for sawyers, chippers, or heavy duty equipment operators. BUGZ goggles are made of stainless steel mesh for durability and protection.  Anatomical fit for comfort and safety. BUGZ is a protective goggle, but DOES NOT pass ANSI Z.87 standards for safety goggles.

In the woods, BUGZ protect the workers’ eyes from flying debris due to chainsaws, chippers or heavy equipment.

The revolutionary BUGZ goggle combines tough polycarbonate foam with a steel mesh lens that protects the eyes effectively without fogging. The molded polycarbonate frame is constructed to match the bone structure of the face. This provides a comfortable goggle, that gives a complete seal and can be worn comfortably for hours. The lenses are made of stainless steel, rust resistant mesh.  Steel Mesh allows the worker excellent vision without the threat of fogging. Plus, it allows better air circulation for a cooler working environment.

  • 30 Mesh

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in