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You need the right gear, equipment, and accessories to maintain speed and efficiency when you’re out on the job or in the wild. Our wildland fire pack accessories help you modify your wildland packs according to your needs and preferences without sacrificing comfort or safety. Made with durable fabrics and materials, each accessory is designed to stand the test of time in the most extreme conditions. Shop various pack accessories like radio pouches, tech holsters, saw kits, modules, hip cases, water bottle cases, and more. LineGear also offers a shaving kit, canteen holder, glove keeper, and chest harness. We’ve sourced products from the best brands committed to the safety and satisfaction of wildland firefighters across the nation, including True North, Mystery Ranch, Anchor Industries, Coaxsher, Top Stitch, Gear 9-1-1, and CamelBak. Contact our customer service team if you have questions or need assistance ordering.

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Showing 1–12 of 50 results


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