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When putting out flames, firefighters rely on two basic types of wildland fire hoses: suction hose and delivery hose. The suction hose pulls water from lakes, rivers, wells, and pools that are then transported to the scene of a fire. On the other hand, a delivery hose delivers pressurized water or retardant to a fire. The two categories of delivery hose are percolating hose and non-percolating hose. A percolating wildland fire hose is semi-permeable, allowing water to seep through it to protect against damage from glowing embers falling onto it during a forest fire. A non-percolating fire hose has a reinforced jacket made from polyester or nylon yarns and a rubber lining that keeps water from leaking.

Other Types of Wildland Fire Hoses & Connections

An attack hose transports water from the fire pumper to the nozzle, while a supply and relay hose transports water from a distant hydrant to a fire pumper, or from one pumper to another. A forestry hose is used to put out fires in grass, bush, and trees. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver over steep or rough terrain. Booster hose is used to fight small fires and is typically carried on a reel on the fire pumper, rather than being laid flat. A suction hose is a rubber-covered, semi-rigid hose that has metal reinforcements inside. It takes water from unpressurized sources, such as rivers and ponds. Last but not least, a fire hose nozzle controls the stream of water coming from the hose, while a wildland fire hose clamp is used to shut off the water flow.

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