PHOS-CHEK 3% x 3% AR-AFFF Foam – 5 Gallon Pail


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Phos-Chek 3% x 3% AR-AFFF Foam (5 Gallon Pail)

Phos-Chek 3×3 AR-AFFF (Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam) is a mixture of water, hydrocarbon surfactants, solvents, C6 fluorosurfactants and fluoropolymers. The product is a 3% concentrate proportioned solution for use on both Hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires. This new formulation demonstrates ICL Performance Products commitment to superior firefighting performance and environmental responsibility.

Phos-Chek 3×3 AR-AFFF is designed for rapid control and knockdown by producing a thin aqueous film on hydrocarbon fuels or a polymer membrane on polar solvent fuels that minimize vapor release, a foam blanket that separates the fuel from the air, and continual draining of water from the foam blanket provides cooling at the fuel surface.

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Package Size 260 Gal Tote, 5 Gal Pail, 55 Gal Drum, Bulk
Product Form Liquid Concentrate

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Weight 45 lbs
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