Phos-Chek Solid Class A Foam Sticks (3 pack)


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Phos-Chek SOLID Class A Foam Sticks produces fast, reliable Class A foam, without the need for expensive equipment. Firefighters can now have a fast, easy way to produce low expansion foam, without a foam proportioner. Phos-Chek SOLID produces a solution that lowers water’s surface tension making it more effective in suppressing fire in Class A combustibles (wood, vegetation, paper and cotton products and rubber). The Phos-Chek SOLID Class A foam stick is sized for use with Scotty Firefighters –Foam Fast applicator. Simply insert the stick into the applicator. As water passes from the pump through the applicator, the stick will dissolve into the water flow providing a quick and easy low expansion foam solution with excellent wetting ability. Now, any firefighter can have the advantage of Class A Foam. This new Phos-Chek Class A foam product provides the user with a simple but effective method of producing a Class A foam solution that will spread and penetrate into porous fuels. A single stick will provide foam for 20-30 minutes depending on flow. When it runs out, simply put a new one in and you’re ready to go.


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